The vision of i-61 explained in 7 minutes

“i-61”is a ministry that endeavors to provide structure, support and training for church bodies that share a common heart for justice, compassion and mercy ministry both in their local communities and through their international missions outreach. It is a ministry designed to support and enhance the many church planting partnerships that are so effectively expanding the Kingdom worldwide.  The following is a seven minute video that explains how i-61 works and what it hopes to accomplish.

What is i-61? from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo.


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“Rooted in Good Soil” small group video series now available

After experiencing the impact our “Rooted in Good Soil” small group video series had on over a hundred smalls groups in the Vineyard Boise, we decided to make it available to anyone who shares our desire to enhance the discipleship process in their own church. For those who have already read the book, you know that “Rooted in Good Soil” takes the reader on the journey of the authentic Christian life, starting with brokenness (good soil must be cultivated and broken before planting) and ending in the abundant harvest Jesus speaks of.  

This eight week video series will provide the small group facilitator everything needed to cultivate meaningful discussion and ministry. The following is a preview of the first session.

For resources and information please call the Vineyard Boise bookstore, (208) 377-1477, or e-mail, .

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The Blessing of Robby Dawkins

Robby Dawkins

In an effort to rekindle a zeal for the things of the Holy Spirit here in the Boise Vineyard we invited Robby and Angie Dawkins to minister among us for four days.  Robby taught and ministered on Thursday night, spent several hours with our staff on Friday and ministered to our youth that evening.  He taught our multiple services on Sunday and spent the afternoon with our homeless ministry praying for people in the park food lines and then finished with a Sunday night meeting.  We rode him hard and put him away wet as they say here in Idaho.  Robby was very humble and submitted in all he did; he never complained and tirelessly poured himself out into the life of our church.  Each event grew in number and in the intensity of God’s presence.  Robby was an empowered breath of fresh air for the Boise Vineyard. But more than that, I believe he was a blessing for the Vineyard movement at a time such as this.  [Click on the link above for Robby’s Sunday morning message at Vineyard Boise.]

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Boise Vineyard staff exposes Tri (alias the Eco-theologian) in a value conflict.

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